14 Wilderness Survival Bugs And Plants
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When you find yourself in the wilderness and aren’t having any luck with finding fish or game you could resort to bugs and plants. This can be a risky and tricky thing to experiment with unless you know what you’re eating for sure. I would suggest you study this more in depth, but I will briefly touch on some things you can snack on in the wilderness.

14 Wilderness Survival Bugs And Plants You Can Eat

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Survival Bugs You Can Eat:

  • Grasshoppers – discard head,legs and wings.
  • Grub worms – eaten raw or cooked
  • Termites – can be eaten raw
  • Pill Bugs or Rollie Pollie – cooked
  • June Bug – cooked
  • Dragonfly – raw or cooked
  • Crickets – cooked
  • Worms – raw or cooked

Survival Plants You Can Eat

  • Asparagus – cooked
  • Clovers – cooked
  • Cattail – cooked
  • Prickly Pear Cactus – cooked
  • Dandelions – cooked
  • Plantain – cooked

You can eat some of these raw, but once again you need to study these on your own and maybe purchase a guide to eatable bugs and plants. It is safest to cook the bugs or plants in the event they harbor parasites. This is serious business and could kill you if you make a bad decision. So know what you’re eating. You can also try the touch, taste, consume method. Touch it to your skin and wait several minutes.

If there is no reaction, hold it in your mouth for several minutes, but don’t eat it. If there is no reaction consume a small portion and wait 8 hours. If no reaction you should be able to consume it safely. If you notice a reaction, induce vomiting and drink as much water as you can.

Now you have a few more things you can grub on while you are in the wilderness and increase your chance of survival. Now I would like to give you some information on where you can receive additional training on survival in the wilderness.

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