15 Best Places To Hide Your Guns In Your Home
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Most gun owners store or ‘hide’ their guns in the traditional gun safe. Sure enough, they will be secure from intruders as well as your children. But what happens when, you need to access your weapon to defend yourself? In most cases, the gun safe is usually in the most inconvenient location in the house! This is exactly why you have to create or locate other ‘storage’ alternatives, that make your weapons more easily accessible in an emergency situation.

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I took the time out to do some research on the internet, and I found this article on PatriotCaller.com, that listed 10 Best Places to Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight. However, after browsing through the various gun owner and enthusiasts forums I got a few more great ideas. I am sure there are plenty more spots around the house, that you can ‘conceal’ a loaded weapon, the list below should get your creative juices flowing.
15 Best Places To Hide Your Guns In Your Home

1. Fake Electrical Outlet

It’s convenient and in most cases difficult to find unless you know which one of the outlets, in your home is the fake one. You can buy one of these ‘fake outlets’ on Amazon here.

2. Closet Door Frames

This works best with shallow closets, like the ones found in most hallways. Just attach a few hooks above the frame where you can hang your gun. Most people will never think to look above their heads in these closets.

3. Hollow Book

Perfect for hiding your handguns and then tucking it away in a convenient place on your bookshelf. Out of sight but easy to reach when you need it. You can watch this video on how to make your own or buy one of these online here.

4. Air Conditioner Or Air Vent

Air vents are a great location if you have kids, they cannot reach up there. Unbeknown to many, air conditioners have a nice deep space within them, that is a great spot to hide your handgun.

5. False Floor

If you have wooden floors in your house, then you can create a nice safe spot by simply removing a section of panel. Target hidden areas such as behind furniture or right next to a wall in your house.

6. Modified Cabinets Or Bookshelves

You could build or modify one in your home or simply buy one online. I personally would modify my own, as it will be unique to my house and not something that an intruder may already be familiar with.

7. Thick Picture Frame

Do it yourselfers would just attach holsters on the back of a picture, place it in a thick frame and their weapon can be concealed behind when they hang up the frame. Alternatively, they sell hidden gun cabinets for picture frames online too.

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8. Large Pottery

This is another perfect example of using your decor to hide your gun. They are a few key things to remember with this one. First and most importantly, you should have easy access to the weapon when you need it. Secondly, use a cloth or something else to cover the weapon when its inside. It shouldn’t be visible if someone was to take a peak.

9. False Bottom Drawer

Yet, another commonly used option. It involves installation of a ‘secret’ fake bottom to a drawer. This allows you to have a small compartment where you can hide your handgun. You can watch this video on how to make a secret drawer compartment.

10. Couch Or Recliner

Specifically, the underside of your couch. The fabric that they usually put down there can be removed and a shot gun can easily be hidden in that compartment. However, if you have kids in the house then avoid using this area. They could easily find it, whilst their playing hide and seek.

11. Coat Rack Or Closet

Just like the false bottom drawer, install a fake back to your coat closet and hide your guns behind it. You can also buy this type of coat rack online here. You can also watch this video on how to make hidden closet space.

12. Cereal Box

This one is a great kitchen hiding place. Just make sure you remember which cereal box it is and to never use this as your hiding place if you have kids in the house. It’s super easy for them to find when they are looking for a snack.

13. Dirty Clothes Hamper

Every bedroom or laundry room have one of these. Placing a small hand gun right at the bottom, and covering it with all your dirty clothes and underwear should do the trick. 🙂

14. Hallways

Long hallways work best. Cut out holes in your walls about shoulder height, and then mount gun boxes in those holes. Once you have secured your weapons in place, you can cover the holes with anything from movie posters to picture frames. Here’s a diy hidden in wall gun cabinet with keypad from Instructables.

15. Mudroom

I have heard that some people hide their shot guns, inside their coats in the mudroom. It’s probably best to use coats hanging on the outside, closer to the wall. The hand guns are tucked inside the boots, covered with socks.

Don’t forget to clean the weapon before hiding it and use oxygen absorbers when hiding them. Also try to keep ammo hidden again with oxygen absorbers around the house where you can easily access it and load it. Most importantly retrieve your weapons from their hiding spots regularly, and service them to ensure they are always ready for action.

You can get more great ideas for gun storage options on Pinterest too…

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You can watch the video below on 3 crazy places to hide your guns…

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