5 Most Forgotten Emergency Kit Items
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We have already discussed the diy emergency survival kit, in a previous post. However, that kit only contains the basic items that you will need in an emergency situation. I recently found out the 5 most forgotten survival kit items, that you can add to your kit that will help make your survival easier.

Below, you will find a list of the items as suggested by a Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Instructor, for even more information go ahead and watch the video below or click on it and it will open in a new window. Ok, ready or not here we go…

5 Most Forgotten Survival Items

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1. Important Documents

These include your passport, medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, birth certificates, insurance policies. You will need these to either evacuate or during the recovery process after the disaster which involved an evacuation.

2. Heavy Mil Trash Bags

Besides the obvious everyday uses for heavy mil trash bags, you can also wear it as a poncho and protect yourself from the rain. Or you can use it as a canopy and make a shelter from the elements. They can be used to block vents in your house, or you can lay it on the ground to prevent hypothermia when you are sleeping, especially in colder climates.

3. Pet Items

Most people who own pets forget to include survival items for their pets in their kit. If you own a cat or dog make sure you have some canned food and even a plastic cup for your pets. Worst case scenario if you run out of food, you can always eat the pet food too. 🙂

4. Medication

In addition to your first aid kit, it is recommended that you include some other medical items such as band aids, diarrhea medicine, allergy medication. Also include a supply of any of the other medications your family may already be using.

5. Portable Phone Charger

I would recommend a solar portable charger for this, however any sort of portable charger with a battery bank will do. Then you can get some car chargers too, and different configurations for the actual plugs. This way you will always have a way to charge your phone in an emergency situation.

In addition to the items above, it is not a bad idea to throw in some snacks into your emergency kit. Especially if you have kids, this will help boost their morale in such situations. A pack of playing cards, an mp3 player, chewing gum can also help when it comes to boosting your morale. The idea is to try to recreate a normal situation, as much as possible.

You can watch the video below on 5 items often forgotten in survival kits…


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