6 Survival Myths That Could Kill You
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I hate to be a little melodramatic here, but I feel it is important to address the issue regarding misinformation when it comes to survival skills and tactics. Today I read this article on Brightside, that opened my eyes to some survival tactics that many people out there, think they know. However, in reality what they know could actually have the opposite effect, and cause them harm.

Survival Tip #11 Best Natural Painkiller
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Survival Tip #11: Natural Painkiller In Your Garden…

So I have decided to write this post, and hopefully get the word out there. Maybe we can prevent a few thousand people from hurting themselves, if we can pass and share this post with our family and friends. Take a few minutes out of your day right now, to familiarize yourself with these, it could save your life one day.

6 Survival Myths That Could Kill You

Myth #1: First Aid For A Snake Bite

Simply put, the venom won’t collect around the bite therefore you should not waste your time trying to suck it out as it will have already entered the blood stream. What works is staying calm, keeping the wound below heart level, drinking a lot of water and trying to get to the hospital as fast as possible.

Myth #2: Find Food First Before Water

Your first priority when you are lost in the wild, is to find water after which you should start to build a shelter. Most human beings can survive without food for up to six weeks. It turns out that most people will die from exposure to other things first, before starvation kicks in.

Myth #3: How To Build A Great Shelter

Your survival shelter should be built only after you have carefully surveyed the area as well as the weather. In addition to building your shelter to protect you from the elements from above such as the sun and rain, you should also make sure that you layer the bottom to protect you from the ground as well.

Survival Tip #23 Water Bottle Light...
Survival Tip #23: DIY Water Bottle Emergency Light …

Myth #4: How To Find Water In The Desert

Not all cactuses are created equal. Actually most of the liquid in cactuses will make you sick, except for the one fish hook barrel cactus. So you are better off staying away from cactuses, if you find yourself in desert survival situation.

Myth #5: How To Survive A Bear Attack

Lucky for you we have covered how to survive a bear attack already, in a previous post on this blog. You can refer to that for even more detailed information. However, it is recommended that instead of playing dead you simply just back away from the bear. Make sure to keep your eyes on the bear as you do so.

Myth #6: Boiling Water Makes It 100% Safe

Ummm, nope! When you boil water you are effectively only killing germs and bacteria. If there was any dirt or other items in the water they will need to be filtered before you drink the water. Your shirt or any other fabric will work well as a water filter or you can build a survival straw.

You can get the full list of survival myths from the Brightside blog, here…

9 Survival Myths That
Could Actually Hurt You

You can watch the video below for 25 survival myths that could actually hurt you….

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