DIY Emergency Heat In A Can
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Let us say you find yourself in a situation where the power goes out in the middle of the winter months or you are out camping and it starts to get chilly. You will definitely need to figure out how to keep warm and this diy emergency heat in a can could be your best solution.

Although you can make this before hand, and have it ready in your survival kit. You can still make this on the fly, simply because most of the materials you need are already lying around your house. Alternatively, you can make one to keep in your car for emergencies.

DIY Emergency Heat

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • rubbing alcohol,
  • paint or coffee can with a lid
  • toilet paper roll
  • can opener
  • matches or lighter

The roll of toilet paper and the rubbing alcohol combine and become the fuel, which when heated provides the heat you need. You have to remove the cardboard roll, in the center of the toilet paper, before you shove it down the can and soak it well with rubbing alcohol.

Use your matches or lighter to ignite the roll. The lid is perfect for extinguishing the flame, just by closing the can and starving the burning toilet paper of oxygen. You can replace the burnt roll, with a new one as needed. I understand one roll, can last up to 8 hours.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Food Storage Moms, blog here…

DIY Emergency Heat In A Can Plans

You can watch the video below on diy emergency heat in a can…


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