DIY Emergency Water Bottle Light
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Today, I thought we should dabble a little on the emergency preparedness side of things, which I tend to often side line on this blog. I think the last posts I had where the diy emergency heat in a can and the diy emergency kit toothpaste dots. However, today I am going to share with you this diy emergency water bottle light hack, that can be a life saver.

So apparently, the #1 thing most people fear is the dark. God forbid in an emergency situation you do not have any candles or torches. This survival hack, is pretty simple to implement and uses things that most households would have, in an SHTF situation. Ideally, you should have a flashlight in your survival kit. However, if your flashlight is not providing enough light, then you can go ahead and set this up.

DIY Emergency Water Bottle Light

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • water bottle or container
  • water
  • small flashlight
  • paracord
  • elastic band (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Fill your container with water.

Step 2.

Attach your flashlight to the container
using an elastic band or cord.

Step 3.

Turn on the flashlight, and you should
now have a really bright light.

Yep, that is all there is to it. You can try it out in a dark room, to see the difference between normal small torch light and this other setup. This can also be used to light up a tent when you go camping.

Here’s the perfect super bright waterproof mini flashlight that you can use for this survival hack.

You can watch the video below on how to make an emergency light using a water bottle…


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