DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit
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Most survival kits tend to be bulky and are designed to help you last at least three days. If you are going hiking or camping in the woods, space is often limited and therefore something small like this diy pill bottle survival kit would be perfect.

What I love about this mini version, is that you can practically take it anywhere you go. You can slip it into your backpack or even your pocket. It does not take too much space. Do not let its size fool you, this kit has all the basics that you need to ensure your survival.

DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • empty pill bottle
  • matches
  • bandage
  • striker
  • hook
  • weight
  • tinfoil
  • fishing line
  • razor blade
  • safety pins
  • feet of duct tape
  • advils
  • birthday candle
  • straw whistle
  • neosporin straw
  • salt straw
  • mini straw fire starters

The size of your empty pill bottle will determine how many things you can carry in your survival kit. The straws are very handy when it comes to carrying anything that is either in a powder or gel form. In addition to the band aid, I would stick in a mini bandage roll too.

You may have to try a few times to get everything to fit in there, but with a little practice it should become easier. Remember to put the things that you will need first in a survival situation like the fire starters and bandages within easy reach.

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DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit

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