DIY Survival Lip Balm Lantern
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Are you ready for yet another survival hack that will totally blow your mind? The more research I do on, the more cool stuff I find to share with you guys on this blog. Remember the diy soda can survival lantern or the diy survival tuna can torchfor providing a light source, in an emergency situation. Well today let us look at this diy survival lip balm lantern.

Yep, you read right! You can convert you lip balm. into a lantern to provide you with a reliable light source. As always, the great part is that you do not need expensive materials to pull this off, just simple everyday items that you can find lying around in your home or in your survival kit.

DIY Survival Lip Balm Lantern

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lip balm
  • survival knife
  • match sticks
  • cotton swabs
  • lighter (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Use your knife to cut the cotton swab in half.

Step 2.

DIY Survival Lip Balm Lantern

Loosen the cotton on the end of the swab with the
pointy end of your knife.

Step 3.

Coat the swab with as much of the lip balm as possible.

Step 4.

DIY Survival Lip Balm Lantern

Push the cut end into the center of your lip balm
and secure it in there.

Step 5.

That’s it! Light it up with your matches or lighter.

How It Works? The base of candles is similar to that of lip balm, it is made from paraffin wax. So when you light it up, this will start to burn and will keep burning until it has been exhausted from the lip balm. I love this hack, it literally takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The video below also shows you how to make a mixed nut lantern as well as a how to make a mud lantern.

You can watch the video below on how to make the diy survival lip balm lantern…


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