DIY Survival Spice Pack
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Who says when you are out in the wilderness or stuck in a survival situation you have to endure tasteless food. After catching some fish with your diy PVC survival fishing kit and making a fire with a soda can . You can still enjoy seasoned fish if you use this diy survival spice pack.

It is tiny, so it can fit in your survival kit or bag and does not take up much space. It also allows you to carry around many different spices such as vinegar, salt, pepper, chili, sugar, and lemon. Basically whatever you feel you need or may need to season your food, you can store in this pack.

DIY Survival Spice Pack

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • spices
  • straw
  • pliers
  • marker
  • lighter
  • scissors
  • tic tac box
  • razor

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Snip a few inches off one end of the straws using your scissors.

Step 2.

DIY Survival Spice Pack

Hold one end shut with your pliers, leaving a small section
of the straw protruding.

Step 3.

Melt the protruding section with your lighter.

Step 4.

DIY Survival Spice Pack

Clamp the straw with a peg and Add your spice into the
straw section, and the seal the top by melting it with lighter.

Step 5.

DIY Survival Spice Pack

Label the straw using the marker, repeat for all your spices.

Step 6.

Pack everything into an empty tic tac box.

Step 7.

Slip a razor into your pack, use it to open the mini packs.

Step 8.

Replace the top of the tic tac box, and store in your kit.

You can even add liquids like vinegar into the straws. The size of your straw container will be determined by the spice you are storing and how much you need per serving. For example, the sugar one can be about 3 inches long whilst salt is only half the length. Make more than one of each, to cover you for a few meals.

You can watch the video below on how to make a diy survival spice pack….


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