DIY Survival Water Canteen
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Today we will address the issue of how you can carry or transport water in an emergency or surviva situation. In a previous post we made a diy bamboo water container. The problem with this solution is that it does not have a lid. That is when the diy survival water canteen comes into play.

This yet another one of those primitive survival hacks that have been used for many centuries. All the materials needed to make one of these should be easily available in most areas. It is a simple and effective method, that however requires some patience when you get started out in the wild.

DIY Survival Water Canteen

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • flexible tree bark
  • small piece of wood
  • pine sap
  • paracord
  • charcoal
  • rock
  • survival knife

Your flexible bark should allow you to fold it along the length and also curl it to fit your hollow piece of wood. Use your survival knife to remove any excess bark. The cord wrapped around the bark will help keep everything a tight fit around the piece of wood.

Add the powdered charcoal to the pine sap to make your pine sap glue. Heating it in a container will allow you to easily work with it while you seal the edges of the canteen. If you see any leaks just add more sap to plug the leak. This canteen can last for up to 2 years, of regular use if you take the time to make it right.

You can get more information on the Wild Survival Skills blog, here…

DIY Survival Water Canteen


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