Emergency Pill Bottle Water Filter Kit
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You know, over the years I have seen a growing number of different types of emergency kits, that you can make from these pill bottles. Remember the diy pill bottle survival kit. It seems because of their compact size, they are a survivalists favorite type of container. Take for example this diy emergency pill bottle water filter.

As small as it looks, it packs everything you need to purify murky water into drinkable purified water. It can be used as a backup to your main water purification device, or as the main device. Throw one or two of these into your backpack and have them handy should you need them to purify water. I don’t see why you can’t use this in an emergency situation at home too.

Emergency Pill Bottle Water Filter Kit

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • empty pill bottle
  • small bottle caps
  • water purification tablets
  • cotton balls
  • needle or pin
  • utility knife
  • water bottles
  • hand drill (optional)

Take one of the bottle caps and make some tiny holes into it. You can heat up the pin or use the hand drill to do this. Cut out a hole in the bottom of the pill bottle using your utility knife, that your index finger can comfortably be inserted into.

To assemble, simply insert the cap with the holes first and press it down so that it firmly sits on the bottom of your container. Fluff up your cotton balls and push them down into your container. Collect some water with one water bottle and pour it into the top of the pill bottle.

Dirty water will be filtered through the cotton balls and will collect in another water bottle or container. Add the recommended tablets to your water to further purify and kill the little guys that are invisible to the eye. If you run out of tablets, you can simply boil or use the sun to do this for you.

You can watch the video below on the homemade emergency water filter kit…


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