How To Build A Survival Snow Cave
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I admit most of the shelters I have shared with you guys on this blog have been for forest or jungle survival situations. Remember the diy sasquatch nest and the diy survival debris shelter. So today I decided to feature one that you will need for the winter, by sharing how to build a survival snow cave.

The instructions for this shelter are provided by a Search And Rescue(SAR) volunteer who has had success building at least 2 of these shelters. Most of us are afraid that the cave may collapse, but apparently that is not the case at all. You would also think, sleeping inside a cave made from snow would be cold right? Wrong! Snow caves are actually very warm inside.

How To Build A Survival Snow Cave

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • snow
  • shovel
  • hand saw
  • sticks
  • branches
  • tarp
  • ski poles (optional)

First you have to locate a nice snow drift with hard packed snow. Light and fluffy snow is not recommended as the chances of collapse are higher. Once you have your drift, start building from the back side. You dig into the snow, before cutting blocks using your saw. These blocks will be used to make the entrance.

The cave itself has a bench on either side, that will act as your bed. All your gear is stored in the front end of the cave. You want your ceiling to be an arc, and the walls should be built sloping. This all helps hold the cave together. In the center of the ceiling, a small hole is created to act as the air hole.

The blocks are stacked on the bench sides to the same height as the ceiling. Any cracks are filled in with snow. The tarp and branches are used to make your door. I am going to wait until the next snowfall and then head out and try build myself one of these. As always, practice makes perfect so never wait until you have to build your first in a real survival situation.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

How To Build A Snow Cave Plans

You can watch the video below on how to build an emergency snow shelter…


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