How To Do Emergency CPR
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Here is one skill that is highly recommended that everyone should posses, because you never know when you might need it to save a life. I took an actual course for this, which is also recommended as they give you the practical on top of the theory on how to do CPR. This tutorial, is just a quick overview of the process.

What is CPR? It actually an abbreviation for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. According to Wikipedia, you administer it when someone is not breathing. The goal is to actually help maintain the victims brain function and restore blood flow until they start breathing on their own.

How To Do Emergency CPR

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Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Make sure the victim is lying down flat on the ground or floor.

Step 2.

Identify the line between the nipples on the breast bone. Be careful
not to push on the triangle below the breast bone, that can break off and
cause further damage to the internal organs.

Step 3.

How To Do CPR

Get right over the victim, make sure you do not rock. Then with your
hands clasped push down with as much force as you can. Count 30 quick

Step 4.

How To Do CPR

Tilt their head back, pinch their nose using your thumb as well as your
fore finger and open their mouth. Put your mouth on their mouth and blow
in two breaths whilst watching to see if their chest rises.

Step 5.

Repeat the process, over and over again until help arrives or they
start breathing on their own.

Do not be afraid to use too much force when doing the compression, it maybe necessary to save someones life. Remember this is just a quick overview, you should really consider taking an actual course if you want to master the art of CPR.

You can get more information on the Mayo Clinic website here…

How To Give Emergency CPR

You can watch the video below on how to give cpr…


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