How To Make A Blowgun
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Secretly I have always wanted to have one of these. Not for survival purposes but just to play around with. However, I have since found out that simple weapon could actually help you catch some much needed protein, hence I have decided to learn how to make a blow gun.

The good thing is that most survival situations you may find yourself in either out in the wilderness or on an island, you will have the access to bamboo or river cane. You may need a few things from your survival kit, to complete the project though.

How To Make A Blowgun

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Here’s What You’ll Need

  • bamboo or river cane
  • survival knife
  • lip balm
  • fishing line
  • cotton
  • pine cones
  • stones
  • sand

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Cut a piece of bamboo or river cane about 3 feet long.
Make sure it is relatively straight too.

Step 2.

Use your knife to split the gun in half, starting at the
top slowly push your knife downwards. The cane should
split very easily if you start right in the middle.

Step 3.

Find something you can essentially use as sandpaper
and use that to clean and smooth out the inside.

Step 4.

Run your lip balm along the edge of both halves so that
you can seal the air gap, before you pinch them together.

Step 5.

Wrap the fishing line around the center area, so you
can hold the two pieces together.

Step 6.

You can make the darts from the cane too. On the back
end just wrap some cotton with the fishing line.

The blowgun is perfect for small game and birds. Make sure when you make the the darts the diameter of the cotton ball on the back end fills up the hollow area of the cane. You will also need to make a few more darts before you head out to hunt for your prey. To use just insert the dart and blow hard from one end. Simple!

You can watch the video below on how to make a blow gun…


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