How To Make Your Home Invisible
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Today I decided to share a tip with the preppers, survivalists or anyone else who wants to hide their house in plain sights. There are various reasons why one would be interested in doing this, so let us look at how to make your home invisible.

Most survival shelters are built from foliage that acts like camouflage and allows them to blend into the background. However if you want to build a long term structure and hide it, it will probably cost you a lot more money.

How To Make Your House Invisible

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

It will probably be easier when you build your home or cabin to already have planned to apply the mirror film outside. This will give it a more seamless look, and will help improve how ‘invisible’ it will look from the outside. The film is what makes the structure invisible and is applied on the exterior walls.

Why Use One Way Mirror Film? It provides a provide a perfect mirror from the outside. From the outide the film is transparent, therefore you can see outside, but they cannot see inside. The film is available in many different colors, is fire resistant and best of all requires no maintenance.

You can watch the video below on how to make your home invisible…


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