How To Open A Coconut With Your Hands
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When lost on a desert island or on a tropical paradise island, coconuts should be your natural go to initially for water, until you locate fresh water. Coconut water is after all more nutritious than fresh water and you can also eat the white flesh inside. With this in mind it is probably a great idea to learn how to open a coconut without the use of any tools.

The only ‘tool’ if we can even call it that, would be some rocks. Otherwise, we are going to take advantage of gravity and use it to crack open these bad boys. I learn’t this survival hack from Grant Thompson, and you can watch the full tutorial video below. Oh, don’t worry you do not have to be a buff body builder to open coconuts ‘with your hands’.

How To Break Open Coconuts Without Any Tools

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • coconuts
  • heavy rock
  • smaller sharp rock

After you have gathered your coconuts, you need to locate some rocks too. It is a two step process which involves removing the husk first. For this you need to brace your coconut on the ground and then drop a heavy rock from about 4 feet, over the pointy end one or two times, then flip it over and repeat on the bottom fat end. The husk should separate, so that you can then use your hands to peel it off.

The second step involves cracking open the inner ‘nut’. There’s 3 dots on the face of the coconut, the two eyes and the mouth. In between the eyes, is a small ridge. Use that to guide you to the center of the coconut and the smash it on a sharp rock right at that exact point. If you do it right the coconut should split open and you will have access to the water and the flesh too.

You can watch the video below on how to open coconuts without any tools…


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