How To Start A Fire Using A Ziploc Bag
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I know the title is a little misleading, because it suggests that this fire is started using only the sandwich bag which is not true. If you have read my other post oh how to make a fire from ice you will understand how then it is possible to start a fire with a sandwich bag.

The process of making a fire is pretty much the same, usually the lighter or the igniter is the only difference. In this case we will be using the abundantly available sun, to light our fire. As for the ziploc bag, they are usually not difficult to find as most people use them to store food.

How To Start A Fire Using A ZIploc Bag

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • dry dark tree bark
  • twigs
  • dead grass
  • ziploc or sandwich bag
  • firewood
  • water
  • rocks

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Smash your dry bark using the rocks,
until it is as fine as possible.

Step 2.

Place the fine dust on another piece
of bark, so that you can start making your fire.

Step 3.

Have a back up piece of bark with courser dust
on it so, you can sprinkle it on the fire.

Step 4.

Fill your sandwich bag up half way with water
from a creek or any other water source.

Step 5.

Twist the bag from one corner to create a sphere
whilst trapping as much water as you can in the bag.

Step 6.

Put the bag in direct sunlight over the bark with
fine dust. It will start to smoke almost immediately
continue adding more dust until you have a lot of smoke.

Step 7.

Pour the smoking sawdust over your dry grass, and fold
the grass over it. Allow it to gain more momentum.

Step 8.

Blow into the grass gently so that you can accelerate
the ignition of the fire. Be ready to throw your twigs
and twigs onto it as soon as there is a fire.

Step 9.

Keep adding more twigs and blowing on your fire
to keep it going, it it starts dying out.

Step 10.

You will know when it is time to add larger sticks
and then your firewood. You have a full blown fire now.

You want to use dark tree wood as it will absorb more heat, especially for the fine dust. Be careful when you are twisting your bag as it may rapture. If you do not have access to a water source, you can even use your own urine for this fire.

You can watch the video on how to start a fire with a sandwich bag below…


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