How To Start A Fire Using Animal Fat
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It’s crazy but when you are out in the wild, this is probably one of the resources that you have available in your arsenal. You can even use this survival hack, with others that we have covered on this blog such as the diy ziploc bag fire starter. So how do you start a fire using animal fat or grease anyway?

It is actually pretty simple. Remember fat or grease is flammable, hence you simply use that property to your advantage. I find that using the grease may actually make it easier to get that fire started especially if you are using the flint, as it catches fire more easily than tinder and also burns longer.

How To Start A Fire Using Animal Grease

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • animal grease
  • cotton balls
  • fire starter
  • aluminium foil

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Collect your animal fat or grease on some aluminum foil.

Step 2.

Roll a cotton ball in your animal grease, until it is
fully coated.

Step 3.

Strike your fire starter over the cotton ball, and you
should have a fire burning within seconds.

As long as you leave the cotton ball on the aluminum foil, it will continue to burn. This is because it acts like a candle wick and slowly absorbs the animal grease. Then uses the grease as fuel to keep burning. Any type of animal grease can work for this from beef, pork, bacon, chicken as well as other wild animals.

You can watch the video below on how to start a fire using animal grease…


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