How To Store Water Long Term
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They say that you can stay without food for up to 30 days, however 3 days is the maximum you can stay without water. If you survive a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, terrorist attack or even a tornado you are going to need some water. That is why it is important to learn how to store water for long term.

How much water should you have in storage? Well it all depends on how many people live in your household. Each person needs about one gallon of water per day for both hygiene and drinking. Ideally, you should have enough water for about 14 days for each person, so that is about 14 gallons.

How To Store Water For Long Term

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • tap or rain water
  • store bought bottled water
  • empty soda/water/gatorade bottles
  • 5 or 7 gallon water jugs
  • 55 gallon water barrels
  • hose pipe
  • wood pallet (optional)
  • bleach (optional)
  • chlorine tablets (optional)

How you store your water depends on what you have available. We have stored all our drinking water in bottles from the store for our family of four. Then we got some water barrels for storing the other water we will need. The water in one barrel is rain water and the other barrel has water from our tap. We placed them on top of some wood pallets, as is recommended by many sources.

Both barrels though have been treated with chlorine tablets, to help prevent any algae from growing in there. Besides water barrels you can use water jugs, empty soda bottles and other containers. Just make sure you clean them well first before filling them with water. Also screw on the lids really tight, to create a tight seal.

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How To Store Water Long Term

You can watch the video below on how to store water long term…


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