How To Survive A Bear Attack
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Can you imagine the horror of coming face to face with a bear in the wild? Your life will probably face quickly before your eyes. Not to worry if you can calm yourself and start to think straight you can actually survive a bear attack in the wild and live to tell the story.

I did some research, and you will be glad to know there are indeed a few simple common sense things you can do to increase your survival chances. The best thing to do is to prevent confrontation by making a lot of noise as you walk out there in the wild. This way you can never surprise the bears.

How To Survive A Bear Attack

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Here Are 5 Things You Can Do :

Tip #1

Try not to move around alone, it is best to be a group
of at least 3 people. Make noise as you walk, sing, yell
or you can even wear bear bells.

Tip # 2

If you are attacked by a bear, never step back or run. It
does not matter if you are carrying a gun, do not step back.

Tip #3

Lie flat face down, on your stomach. Your face is buried
into the ground with your legs slightly open. This helps
you prevent being rolled over by the bear.

Tip #4

Cover the back of your neck, with your dominant hand below
your non dominant. When they bite the back of your head like
they do in the wild, they will grab your useless hand first.

Tip #5

Carry bear spray in your backpack or survival kit when you
venture out into the wilderness. Spray when the bear is within
range, which is usually about 25 feet.

At the end of the day, the best survival tip is to try your best to avoid any bear encounters. Black bears are less likely to attack you, however sometimes they do and you may have to be loud and make as much noise as possible.

The reality is bears do not really want anything to do with you. Remember bears will usually only attack when they feel threatened, defending territory, feeding or protecting cubs.

You can watch the video below on how to survive a bear attack…


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