How To Survive A Hurricane
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We have all seen all the horror stories from past hurricanes. They wipe out Caribbean islands, they flood cities, remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? Well just like the earthquake survival kit we have already talked about you also need to know how to survive a hurricane.

The idea is to be prepared way before the hurricane hits your area. You do not want to wait until there is a hurricane warning to start getting ready. It maybe too late by then, and you reduce your chances of survival.

Did you know? Two thirds of US hurricanes between 1981 and 2011 struck the Gulf Coast. Only One third struck the Atlantic coast.

How To Survive A Hurricane

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Here are a few steps you can follow, in order to be ready:

1. Plan Ahead

  • You and your family should know where all their closest local shelters are and also have a plan for evacuation even without a vehicle.
  • Choose one location where your family members should meet in case you are separated.
  • An out of town friend or family member should be designated as the person, you all call to report that you are safe.
  • Buy flood insurance for your house, and familiarize yourself with the procedures of shutting down electricity and gas to the home if you are instructed to do so by local authorities.

2. Get Your Supplies

Before hurricane season begins, make sure you are fully stocked with the all the necessary supplies. Atlantic & Central Pacific season is from 1 June to 30 November, while Eastern Pacific is May 15 to November 30 every year.

  • 72 hour supply of drinking water i.e. 1 gallon daily per person
  • 72 hour supply of non perishable food e.g. canned foods
  • Flash light and batteries
  • Battery powered radio that can receive information from NOAA.
  • First aid kit
  • 7 day supply of all required medication

3. Warning Reaction

When a warning is released, make sure you bring any loose items in your backyard into the house.

  • Close and board up all windows using 5/8″ marine plywood or close your hurricane shutters.
  • All rain gutters and down spouts must be cleared of leaves. Trees and shrubs trimmed.
  • Turn your refrigerator as well as freezer to the coldest setting.
  • Fill up your cars gas tank and get ready to evacuate.

4. Pre-Evacuation

  • Those living in the first two floors as well as above the 10th floor of any high rise building should look for shelter with neighbors in the floors in between or evacuate.
  • Mobile home dwellers as well as people living on flood plains, next to water or inland waterway should also evacuate their homes.

5. Before Hurricane

  • Fill your bath tub with water, you may need it in days to come.
  • Unplug all your small appliances, microwaves, coffee makers, juicers, tvs etc
  • Shut off all your propane tanks

6. During Hurricane

  • Keep away from windows and any glass windows.
  • Do not use your land line.
  • Bunker down in the lowest room or closet in your house.
  • Keep a pillow or mattress handy to protect your head.
  • Monitor all weather announcement on the radio.
  • If you lose electricity, turn off all circuit breakers until power returns.
  • Leave your house immediately, if you smell any gas.

After the storm, if you had evacuated your home do not enter unless the flood waters have receded. Any lose electrical lines or gas leaks should also be reported. Only return to structurally damaged houses after they have been checked by building inspectors.

You can watch the video below with tips on how to survive a hurricane…

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