How To Survive A Shark Attack
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With shark week on Discovery coming up very soon, I got the brilliant idea to look at these infamous predators. Just like how to survive a sinking car or how to survive a bear attack I think it is always good for one to be prepared and know how to survive a shark attack.

After all we all enjoy going for a swim or surf in the ocean, but most of the time we conveniently try to forget that there maybe danger lurking in the deep waters. The best thing for you to do is just familiarize yourself with survival tactics, that you can use just in case you find yourself having to face to face one.

How To Survive A Shark Attack

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Tip #1 – Stay Calm

It is very rare that you will encounter sharks that attack humans without being provoked such as bull sharks, tiger sharks and great white. The smaller species will usually leave you just check you out and move along.

Tip #2 – Swim Away Slowly

Don’t panic and splash around when you start to slowly swimming away. If you cause a racket, you may attract the shark towards you and incite it to actually come forward and attack you.

Tip #3 – Back It Up

If you are unable to swim away, then your only other choice is to identify something or someone you can back up on. This helps shrink the sharks strike zone.

Tip #4 – Attack Sensitive Areas

Should the shark start to attack, then you can target its sensitive areas. These are the eyes, the nose as well as the gills. Just punch, kick or apply any force that you can to these areas.

Tip #5 – Never Play Dead

You will be mistaken for a health floating meal by the shark, they tend to like conserving their energy so they are more likely to go for defenseless.

Tip #6 – Understand Behavior

There are two behaviors that you should keep an eye out for. A shark that is zigzagging is searching for an attack angle, one that is circling you is getting ready to attack and will most likely do so from the back.

Ultimately you should always try to stay away from shark infested waters. Also avoid wearing bright or shiny things when you go swimming and diving. It goes without saying that if you have an open wound or even just having your period, stay away from deep waters as sharks have the ability to smell blood.

You can watch the video below showing 5 ways to fight an attacking shark…


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