How To Survive A Tornado
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Alright, today we will continue with our ‘how to survive’ series. We have already covered how to survive a hurricane in a previous post. So next up on the list is how to survive a tornado. These occur more often than hurricanes, and have been known to cause a lot of damage and death in the past.

The good news, is that when a tornado watch is issued you still have plenty of time to get ready for it. So you should try not to panic, instead kick into survival mode using the tips that I will share with you below. The difference between death and your survival, is really about what you do and where you go.

How To Survive A Tornado

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1. Turn On Your Radio Or TV

As soon as there is severe weather in your area, you are advised to turn on your radio to the weather channel and listen for any tornado warnings. Sometimes these are also broadcasted on your local TV stations, so you can turn your TV on and keep an eye out for warnings too.

2. Head To A Storm Shelter Or Basement

If your area is prone to tornadoes, then they have probably built a storm shelter for people to bunker up in when a warning is issued. Get all your family members as well as pets and rush to your nearest one as soon as possible. If you have a basement then it is probably the safest place, for your family to sit out the storm.

3. Hideout In Your Safe Place

If your house does not have a basement or your shelter is either to far away or non existent. You have another option. Identify a ‘safe place’ in the center of your home. Make sure that there are no windows in that area. A hallway, bathroom, sturdy desk, interior closet or under your staircase using is just the place you are looking for. You want as many walls between you and the storm as possible. Keep away from outside ways, doors or windows.

4. Assume The Position

It is also important that whilst you are hiding out you keep your body in survival position. The best position is to keep as low as possible with your head covered. You may also want to be in fetal position this pretty much protects your vital organs. If you have a helmet available, put that on too.

5. Stay Off Roads & Over Passes

During the storm, it is highly recommended that people stay off the roads, highways and must not try to hide away from it under any over passes. Stop your car, and get as low to the ground as possible. A ditch on the side of the road is a good place to hide out. If you can drive away from the path of tornado, do so and try find a building to use as your shelter.

Important Tornado Definitions: A Tornado Watch is issued if it is highly likely that an approaching storm, can result in the formation on tornadoes. A Tornado Warning is issued when an actual tornado is seen or detected by radar in your area.

When trapped under debris, use any of the materials around you to free yourself and find your way out of your house. Last, but definitely not least make sure you have your 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness kit, this will help you and your family survive the aftermath of the tornado.

You can watch the video below on tornado safety…


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