How To Turn Your Pants Into A Life Jacket
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Here is yet another unconventional survival hack, from one of my favorite go to guys The Crazy Russian Hacker. What happens if you find yourself trying to survive in water without a life jacket, let say you are involved in an plane crash or your boat capsizes. Well, you probably should practice how to float using your pants.

For this to work all you need is a pair of pants, preferably one with a zipper. He demonstrates the whole process in his own swimming pool. I would recommend that you start using this hack as soon as you hit the water, that way you will conserve more energy and increase your chances of survive.

How To Turn Your Pants Into A Life Jacket

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • a pair of pants

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1.

Remove your pants, whilst treading water.

Step 2.

Tie the bottom ends of your pants together
using a strong double knot.

Step 3.

Put the tied end over your head, so the knot
is at the back of your neck and zipper side up.
Make sure that your zipper is zipped up.

Step 4.

You can use a combination of hitting the water or
lifting the untied end to fill them up with oxygen.

Step 5.

Keep splashing water on the pants to keep them
moist. This allows them to maintain the air inside.

Now that you have your plants inflated, your goal is to use as little energy as is possible. Lie on on your back and use your legs every now and again as needed. Don’t forget to keep splashing water onto the pants to maintain their seal. Also you should perhaps practice this at home before using it in a real survival situation.

You can watch the video below on how to float with your pants…


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